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Why not use this handy and multi-purpose storage unit to keep your kitchen roll, aluminum foil and even cling film altogether in one handy place?
21.00 AED
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METALTEX TINNED FRENCH WHIP, available in 4 sizes
This is ideal for blending and mixing a variety of foods. Thick wires are securely welded onto the handle ensures that this whisk can stand up to even the thickest batters and withstand long-lasting use!
from 9.00 AED
Protect your cookware from the stove using this flame distributor!
21.00 AED
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METALTEX ALU SPLATTER SCREEN, available in 3 sizes
PROTECT YOUR SPACE - Protect your kitchen walls and surfaces from food splatter when cooking with Metaltex splash guard for the frying pan PROTECT FROM BURNS AND SPILLS - Avoid burn and spills from hot cooking oil and use our...
from 21.00 AED
METALTEX Fly Swatter
Fly Swatter available in different colors Colors will be shipped randomly.
5.00 AED
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