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Porcelain Ivory Kids Divider Plate - 3 compartments (23x3cm)

AED 31.00

Porcelain Kids Ivory round plate 23cm

AED 25.00

Porcelain Ivory Kids Half Moon Platter 20.5*10*3.5cm

AED 15.00

Porcelain Ivory Kids Rectangular Deep Plate 4*10.3*3.4 cm

AED 10.00

Porcelain Stackable Ivory Kids Square Bowl (10x10x6cm)

AED 11.00

Porcelain Stackable Ivory Kids Soup Cup With Handle (10x6cm)

AED 12.00

Non Slip Fast Food Trays Plastic 45 x 35 cm, available in different colors

AED 12.00

Che Brucia Pottery D-Fire Deep Plate 17.5cm

AED 19.00

Che Brucia Pottery D-Fire Pan- Available in 2 Sizes

AED 18.00AED 20.00

Che Brucia Pottery D.Fire Deep Plate 25cm/22cm

AED 29.00

Che Brucia Pottery D.Fire Cooking Pot W Cover -14.5cm/13cm

AED 27.00
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